October 2008

Mason's Passage HOA Newsletter

October 2008


    • The Annual Meeting of the Mason’s Passage HOA was held on 20 October 2008, 7:00 pm at Gunston Elementary School. Because we did not have a quorum we were unable to vote for the vacancy on the Board. We encourage anyone interested in serving to notify East Coast Management.

    • The President gave an overview of what the Board had planned for the community. We are embarking on a lighting project, which will be completed in phases. Phase one will begin within the next month and lights will be installed at the green as well as a sprinkler system. After that is completed we will address Phase two which will include lights in other dark areas of the community as well as a sprinkler system and a fountain at the pond. At this time we will pay for Phase one with money from the reserve fund. The largest expenses in our budget are landscaping and trash pickup. The present contracts will be coming up soon and the Board has asked the Management Company to solicit proposals in an effort to keep our costs down.

    • The Board would like to thank the homeowners who took the time to attend the meeting and those who sent in proxies.

    • The next scheduled Board meeting is 10 November 2008, 7:00 pm at Gunston Elementary. Our agenda allows the first fifteen minutes of the meeting for homeowners concerns. We ask that you contact the Management Company if you have questions/concerns you would like to address.

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