Mason Update: 09/21/15

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Cookout – The Mason had a successful first Welcome Parents cookout! More than eighty families attended.  Many parents shared with me how much they love the Mason and how welcoming and inviting the Mason community makes them feel.  Let’s continue to embrace our new and old families, and reach out to them to build relationships and encourage their engagement. 

Shout out - A very special thank you to all the parents, especially to Ms. Pontes, that helped make the cookout a success, and to Mr. Mazzola for doing an excellent job on the grill. The food was delicious!   

National Hispanic Heritage Month - National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15, 2015 to October 15, 2015.  This will be a great time to read aloud from texts that embrace Latino culture and history.

Mason Update: 09/14/15

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Superintendent’s Visit – Superintendent Chang’s visit went well.  Dr. Chang was impressed and pleased to observe that teaching and learning was in full swing on only the second day of school.    During his walkthrough, Dr. Chang asked me if the school is a literacy collaborative school, and then stated that was clearly evident. Dr. Chang is eager to return to the Mason and will hopefully do so very soon. 

National Hispanic Heritage Month - National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15, 2015 to October 15, 2015.  This will be a great time to read aloud from texts that embrace the Latino culture and history. 

Hallways – Please remember to fold the tables and remove all chairs when the tables are not in use.  All hallways should be cleared immediately after use.  At no time should tables, desks, or chairs be left in the hallway when they are not being used.   We must make this safety concern a priority.

New Principal Announcement

posted Jul 19, 2013, 5:15 AM by Eric Esteves

Dear Mason School families, 

We are writing today to let you know we have asked Lauretta Lewis-Medley to become principal of the Mason School beginning this fall.

A graduate of Boston Public Schools, Lauretta Lewis-Medley began her career in as a Special Education Resource Room teacher and later as a Third Grade teacher at the Mason School. Since then, Lauretta has supported differentiated learning as the Assistant Principal at the Dever Elementary School, as well as leadership positions at the Mattahunt Elementary School, Roosevelt K-8 School and the Condon Elementary School. In these roles she participated in managing staff and programs, worked on staff development, conducted frequent classroom observations, and cultivated meaningful partnerships with families and community organizations.  She uses data and accountability to improve classroom practice through teacher collaboration. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, her Master’s Degree in special education from Lesley University and received a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in School Administration from Fitchburg College.

We are thrilled to welcome Lauretta to the Mason and are excited to introduce her to you. We know you will be just as impressed as we are with her drive, dedication and commitment to working closely with families, teachers and students to ensure every child succeeds. Of course, we also wish to thank Harolyn Bowden for her extraordinary work at the Mason. 

We will work with the school community this summer to set up time for you to meet with Lauretta and talk about your shared goals for the upcoming school year. Have a wonderful summer!


John McDonough
Interim Superintendent

A Message From Mrs. Harolyn Bowden, Principal

posted Jun 27, 2013, 2:39 PM by Eric Esteves

Dear Mason School Community,

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.”

~Dalai Lama

The end of the school year is a time to reflect, celebrate, recognize and say goodbye. It’s with mixed and emotional feelings that I’m announcing my retirement as of June 30th. Being Principal of the Mason School has been the highlight of my professional career in the Boston Public Schools. There’s been no greater pleasure for me than visiting classrooms seeing students engaged in meaningful learning tasks, taking pride in their work, and loving school. I want to extend my sincere thanks to the following:

  • The Governing Board for your time and commitment to furthering school goals, obtaining needed resources, increasing the Mason School’s visibility and for your vision.
  • Ms. Pontes and the Parent Council for supporting the students and teaching staff.
  • The funds that you raised to support our many school activities were greatly appreciated. Thanks also for another successful Community Field Day.
  • Students for trying your best to achieve proficiency on a daily basis and striving to be inclusive, show self-control, character, and courage. Your talents and accomplishments constantly amaze me. Keep your skills sharp though the summer by reading daily and learning your math facts.
  • The PBIS team facilitated by Mary Cohen (school psychologist) for their ongoing efforts to improve school culture and climate. The adoption of a school mascot (Meerkats), Second Step curriculum, and the Mason Matrix is a result of the PBIS’s insights, time and energy.
  • Mr. Mirville (City Connects Coordinator) for supporting students’ social emotional needs.
  • A dedicated, passionate and professional staff for providing high quality education to students by setting high standards. Your commitment to teaching and learning and the positive relationships you build with students make the Mason a wonderful place for children to grow and learn.
  • Ms. Pam for your efficiency, excellent organizational skills and managing the daily operational tasks in the school.
  • Thanks to all itinerant staff, cafeteria staff, the nurse, and the custodian for tending to students and school needs.
I would like to recognize Ms. Tavares and Ms. Paul, members of the staff who are leaving the Mason to begin new challenges. Wishing you the best in your new positions.

Again I want to extend best wishes to our Grade 5 students who have moved on to Middle School. Let your inner light shine brighter. Keep the Mason School core value, be a star student.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable summer, taking time to relax and rejuvenate.

Mrs. Bowden, Principal

A Message From Principal Bowden

posted Apr 25, 2013, 9:44 AM by Eric Esteves

"Take advantage of every opportunity; where there is none, make it for your- self." ~Marcus Garvey 

Dear Mason School Community, 

During the month of May students in Grades 3-5 will be taking the math MCAS. Math is very important. The jobs in the future will require students to have critical thinking skills and a firm foundation in the math and sciences. In our everyday lives, math enables us to: manage time and money, understand pat- terns in the world, make predictions based on pat- terns, solve problems and use technology. 

Children learn math best through activities that encourage them to: explore (use of manipulative), talk about their explorations, solve problems, share solutions and explain how they got their solutions. It’s also extremely important that students know their math facts. The following Common Cores Standards are taught: Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations (base ten & fractions), Measurement and Data, and Geometry. 

Here’s how you can help your child achieve in math: 
  • • Let your child know that everyone can learn math and that it’s important and fun. 
  • Point out how math is used everyday. 
  • Encourage your child to be persistent if a problem is diffi- cult. 
  • Praise your child for his or her efforts. 
Make math part of your child’s day. Have your child: 
  • Make purchases
  • Measure ingredients or objects around the house. 
  • Count objects. 
  • Solve problems (I need 10 apples to make a pie. I only have 7 apples. How many more apples do I need?) 
  • Practice skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s. 
  • Use dice and play- ing cards to add, subtract and mul- tiply numbers. 
  • Estimate (how many oranges do you think are in the bag?) 
  • Tell time (How many minutes until your bed- time?) 
  • Go on a shape hunt. Look for patterns. 

This is time of year when students begin to lose their focus and sometimes put forth less effort. Please give your child reminders that there are lots of areas in the curriculum that need to be covered and learning goes on until the end of June. I hope students and families get to spend some fun and relaxing times with one another during the vacation week. 

Mrs. Harolyn Bowden, Principal

School Newsletter for April/May 2013

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Mason Parents' March 2013 Calendar

posted Mar 8, 2013, 11:46 AM by Eric Esteves

Dough Raiser @ Uno's on Huntington Ave

posted Mar 8, 2013, 10:06 AM by Eric Esteves   [ updated Mar 8, 2013, 10:17 AM ]

On Monday, March 18th, please join us to support a "Dough Raiser" at the Uno's on Huntington Avenue to benefit the Mason Pilot School in Roxbury.

The Samuel W. Mason Elementary School is an award-winning pilot school, where students are taught in fully inclusive classrooms and teachers are dual-certified in regular and special education with extensive training in literacy, math investigations and character education. 

Bring your friends, family, or co-workers and enjoy something delicious from Uno's eclectic menu. They are known for their Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza, but that's not all they have! And for many people, Evacuation Day will mean a day off from either work or school.

Uno will donate up to 20% of your check to the school (not including tax and tip). This applies whether you are dining in or order take-out (or catering) and will last ALL-DAY (bar, lounge, lunch, or dinner).

In order for your meal to count towards the mason, you MUST present the certificate to your server. 

You can download a PDF or image of the certificate below.

Pennies for Patients: Kids making BIG change by collecting SMALL change

posted Feb 27, 2013, 12:09 PM by Eric Esteves   [ updated Feb 27, 2013, 12:11 PM ]

Pennies for Patients is a service learning, character education and philanthropy program that gives students a unique experience making a difference through teamwork—working together to aid thousands of children and adults in the fight blood cancers like leukemia.

How it Works: Mason students collect spare change over a three-week period during February. The change can come from friends or relatives or underneath the couch cushions. What's important is that the change is collected. Students not only enjoy participating but feel a great sense of pride in helping others. Their efforts will collect one more thing in addition to spare change, the gratitude of cancer patients and their families.

Please remember to return all the coins collected, dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies to the teachers' classrooms by Friday, March 1st.  Any coins help!!

Lydia, one of the local Honored Patients, wanted to send out a special thank you note to Samuel Mason Pilot Elementary School for all of the hard work you and your students have been doing so far in program. Please pass along the below message to your students and co workers!


Lydia Letter.jpeg


7 years old

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Lydia - Plymouth Elementary.JPG


We are so excited to hear about how the program is going and hope that the students are having a great time! We would love to see pictures of the campaign at your school if you have any! On behalf of LLS, our patients and their families, we are so grateful that your school took on the penny challenge and is eager to make a difference. Together, we can achieve a world without blood cancers.

For the cure,

Kerrie, Karen, & Randi,

The Pennies Team

Scholastic Book Fair 2012-2013

posted Nov 14, 2012, 10:37 AM by Eric Esteves

December 3rd-7th, 2012
Time: 9:00am-1:30pm

The Mason Scholastic Book Fairs have been providing students, parents and teachers with the opportunity to shop for good books to read. The students have shown great interest in reading in school & at home.

To reinforce this good practice, we would like to invite grandparents and special friends to come and shop on Wednesday, December 5th according to the schedule below:

Grandparents and Special Friends Shopping Day
Wednesday, December 5th
8:00am-9:00am & 5:00-6:00pm

Volunteers are needed during the Book Fair! Please consider volunteering this year.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Maria Pontes by Wednesday, November 28th.

Contact person: Maria D. Pontes,
Parent Coordinator/Liaison, 617-635-8405

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