Other Halo Glitches

This is where I'll post ALL my other Glitches. I know alot.

Orbiting Rockets:

On any level with a rocket launcher, small vehicle, and good sized hill this can be done. (Works best on Coagulation.) First you get the rocket launcher. Then you get a friend/enemy on a hill. Lock your rocket on then turn the side and shoot. If done right the rocket well fly around the vehicle and never hit them. (You can do multiples of this at one time)

Giant Corpse:

This can only be done on the level, Burial Grounds. 

First get some one in a wraith. Next get another person to stand right next to the giant burning pillar. ( A little ways a way from the human sniper.) Have the person in the wraith charge-ram the person next to the pillar. If they were touching the pillar it should send them out of the level. DON'T MOVE 'TILL THEY RESPAWN! Once they do look up. If it's done right, the person's corpse should be in the sky.


Sword Cancel:

This can also be called the Zip Line Glitch.

For this you just need a sword and a opponent. First lock on em. (Aimer turns red) then press "R" "X" real quick. If you did it right you'd fly at them, but not do any damage. 

Once you get better with this, you can use other weapons. To do this you get any weapon (EXCEPT the snipers) and the sword. Make sure your aimer is red. Press "Y" Then "R" really fast. if done right, you'll fly across the level at them. Press "X" to do no damage though. (Great for getting to tough spots) 


Vehicle Flier:

For this you need a sword, a friend/enemy, and a warthog. Have the person with the sword get in the passenger side of the warthog. Have the other walk into the sword's aimer. When it turns red, the person with the sword should press "R" twice. The second time there should be no sound, that's the other person's cue to run away. Make sure the sword person keeps the aimer on the runner. Whenever the runner stops, the sword person should press "X" and get out. If done right, the sword person should fly to the other person. (There is no need to press "X" to cancel it. It self cancels.)


That's all I can think of now. I'll post more when I remember them.