Halo Glitches

I have many glitches for halo. I'll post all super jumps I know right here. 



A super jump is where you glitches the games gravity code. The gravity code keeps everything, like players and warthogs, on the map. By using these glitches your minipulating the code. THIS WELL HAVE NO AFFECT ON YOUR GAME.


Go to the red base. Look where the Ghost/ warthogs appear. Go there. Turn around. You should be looking at the double ramp that goes to the flag area. Walk to the top of this ramp. Go to the right side. Look to the upper-area. You should see a triangle looking thing. Crouch jump to it. If you don't land in it try again. Once your in, let go of crouch and walk forward. then STOP. Turn around and walk off. If you did it right you'll fly into the air. To further this, Try and land in the portal. If you do you'll super jump to the top of the trees near the portal.



There are 2 on this map.

1) Go to the giant windmill thing with no known purpose. On the left side, (Closest to the giant rock thing near where tanks appear) you'll see a slant. Walk up the slant. When you get to the top, turn to your right. You'll see another level. You may have to crouch-jump to it. You'll see a curved area where the windmill thing is. Walk into that. Crouch so you can go farther. Once your no longer walking, let go of crouch. Turn to your right and jump diagonally [ / ] off. Aim for a crack in the cement. if you hit it right, you'll fly to the top of the windmill thing. Great sniping point

2) Go inside the building with the gate. Walk to the gate. Then go under the big machine thing.Walk up the stairs to the left. COMPLEATLEY shoot out all the glass you can. ( I suggest just throwing a grenade) Walk into the window.[<---] You'll see a piece of glass about eye level. Crouch-walk into it. Walk forward till your screen shakes. then stop. Turn to your left and jump off. If done correctly, you'll go through a hole in the roof. If you don't move, though, you'll go back through it.


 That's all I got right now, I'm testing many daily. I'll post more when I get them.

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