Halo Cheats

note: I well not test any of these. I am not sure If they work. If I know they do, I well put a "*" next to it.

Ling Ling Head*:

On the level Zanzibar, (Big wind mill of unknown purposes,) Go to the signs on the beach. Read them. It should say something about a shark. Turn of your Xbox/ Xbox 360 and reset the time/date. Make every thing you can a 7. (I think this means year to.) Go back to Zanzibar. (YOU CAN NOT SIGN INTO XBL. IF YOU DO IT WELL RUIN IT!) Read the signs. It should say something about ling ling head. Below it well have a picture of a bloody dog head. It's quite funny.

That's all I know for now, but I find more stuff almost daily.