Halo 3 weapons


On the new updated Zanzibar, there are plenty of new weapons for you to explore the mayhem with.


New weapons I saw:

Spartan Laser - By far, one of my favorite weapons. Simply grab it, hold the R2 button down and guide it with the red laser that appears. Once it's ready it'll shoot a huge red beam at the place where your aiming. It's relatively not a good idea to use.

Brute Rifle/ Brute Spiker: By far, the greatest weapon in co-op. It's a mix between an Assault Rifle and the Needler. The only difference is it doesn't track, and the bullets don't pop.

Mauler: I used this maybe one or two times in a random weapon game. At close range, it can act like a shotgun, but far it's more like a pistol. A little better then the originals.

Spike Grenades: YES, FINALLY A GRENADE THAT  STICKS AND IS USEFUL. My first use of this, I stuck my friend and he hugged the wrong person, giving me a double kill. Throwing from far can be a good idea to.

Gav Hammer (AKA Boom Stick): A sword, that can shoot you like a grav lift, count me in. Using this weapon is only good close range. Not only can you send enemies fling at each other, you can single handedly kill silenter then before.

Plasma Turret: A turret, that you RIP from the ground, oh boy! simply walk up to a plasma turret when it's mounted and press "B" to RIP it out of the ground and walk around with it. NOTE: It makes you move slower.

Machine Turret: Same as above, just it's not plasma. Still makes you slower

Rocket Pod: The better turret of the three, Holding a whopping 5 rounds per each time you get it, it's in the new rocket launcher to me. You don't have to rip this one out. In fact, you normally find it laying around. Still makes you slower.

Bubble Shield: A BUBBLE! Yes, a bubble. A Shield bubble. And, that's it.

Radar Jammer: You drop it, and confuses everyone into thinking there is a lot of enemies around.

Energy Drainer: It's like a grenade for shield n00bs.

Energy Regenerator: A safe haven for the Shield N00bs.

Personalize Grav Lift: Tiny Grav Lift

Trip Mine: A mine that explodes near people

Flare: Whites screen, and pisses people (me) off.

Flamethrower: For those use to Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC, you all ready know. For the rest, it's what the name says.

 I know I might be forgetting some. I'll get to that ASAP.