Guitar Hero 1

The wonderful owner/editor iof this website test all of the Guitar Hero Cheats. All of which work.

So we all know about the famed Guitar Hero Series. this well cover Guitar Hero. (The first one)


Basic Hints:

The Hammer-ons and Pull-offs (HOPO) are rather hard to pull off. I simple thing I did was practice my single strumming, and my HOPOs. So, not only can I hit the tough stuff like on Texas Flood, I can hit the slow stuff like on Ziggy Stardust.


Having Fun?:

We all know showing off can make or break a real guitarist.  On the Song, "Thunder Kiss '65" by Rob Zombie, if you do good on the solo, you can throw the guitar in the air while spinning it, catch and keep playing with out missing any notes. It really boost your moral.


The ax is fake?:

Simple air guitar cheat. I have no idea what it is, but if you randomly press the Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange buttons while on the Main Menu (Career, Quick Play, Multiplayer, Tutorial, Options screen,) you may Unlock the Air Guitar Cheat.


This ax is my ax...:

To unlock the battle ax, just beat Career on Expert. It's simpler then it sounds.