Guitar Hero 2

This is a focus on Guitar Hero 



 The "Oboy" cheat. AKA, "Hyperspeed"

How to do it:

On the main menu, (where it says, Carrier, Quick Play, Multiplayer, Practice, Options,) you quickly press, Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow.   Hence the name "OBOYOBOY."


There are a few benefits to this cheat. 

1) This cheat allows you to show off on immense perportions.

2)After awhile, you see the note quicker helping you when you play without it.

3) it's just a all around easy way the beat the game.


 Unlimited Star power (note: I have not yet tested this cheat. There for I have no idea what it'll do to the game.)

How to do it:

On the main screen, (IE. Carrer, Quickplay, etc.) Quickly press Orange, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Orange. (OBYBBYOYOBBYYO.)

Benefits: It makes the game to easy.


Air Guitar:

 How to do it:

On the main screen, quickly press Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Blue. (YYBYOB) [I remembered it as {yy Bring, Your, Own, Beer.}]



There aren't any real benefits from this, just you look funny doing it. 

    As all ways, I'll well post more, when I get more. I well also try to hook this up with some music soon to.  



There are far

 less glitches

 for guitar hero

 then there are



My favorite: I

 would have to

 say the "Play

 the Scythe"


This glitch

 allows you to



 play with the



How to do it:

You go to your

 favorite carrier 

file, and select 

the Grim

 Ripper. Then 

Choose his 

Guitar to be the

Scythe.  Go 

Back the  to the

"Select a 


screen. Choose

Your  favorite  

person and 

rock the scythe!