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All 2008 and 2007 updates rolled up into this page.



Today I didn't do a whole lot. Just added Al's newest single, "Skipper Dan" to "Collection of Weird Al songs" and added my own personal ratings to it. I'll work on some other stuff later on when I have the time.

Oh yeah, also making a new page for update archives.

UPDATE TO UPDATE: Ok, that's done with. Check out the new "Update Archives" page for stuff you probably don't care about yet I keep for whatever reason. I've also taken off some pictures from "Pictures of me" because they weren't showing up for some reason. I'll see if I can add more to make up for it.


Ok, that wasn't "much sooner" really, but I have more stuff I've been editing around here, and I'll be doing more a lot more of it too. I've added a new song and section in "Collection of Weird Al songs" for Weird Al's new Internet EP, "Internet Leaks" along with the song, "Craigslist." I've also managed to edit "Fun Facts" with more or less, "fun facts." I also put up one more picture of me in "Pictures of me," more will follow on that for sure. I've even added a cool picture of the sky in "Random Pictures." Added a few new games to "SK's Video Games" and made some slight changes to "Origin ."

Woo! Perhaps I'll even add a new page, but I know I need to maintain the pages I have right now.


Almost a year later, I decide to touch down to some old roots. Lots of stuff has changed, so this is going to be a pretty full update.

Collection of Weird Al songs has been updated with Al's new single, "Whatever You Like," I've put two more links on the "Links" page, I've updated and added onto the "Fun Facts" page, some minor alteration has been made to the "Origin" page, and more games have been added to the "SK's Video Games" page.


That's all for now, but I will be back much sooner than last time with another update. Hopefully, I can fix this place up and make it more current.


This was probably my most active year of doing things on this website. I made a lot of additions to existing pages and even added some new ones.



Well, here's an update which is a rather quick follow-up to the previous one.


I've updated both "Pictures of me," and "Random Pictures" with stuff related to the previous highlight of yesterday's update.



Here's a pretty short, but sort of awesome update.


I've a "new" album to the "Collection of Weird Al songs" page! It's from the very rare "Gump" single.



Well, this isn't really an update... since it's been here for much longer than it should have been... but I've updated, "Collection of Weird Al songs" with Al's first released album! I might even add something else very interesting tomorrow... depending on how the eBay seller worked things out...



Not much of an update today, except for some sort of cool new Brawl pictures... "Brawl Pictures."



Well, not much has happened, and I've been really lazy with the site lately, but I've managed to harvest a new page, "Links!" 

Yeah, this is probably one of those things I should have had up a while ago, but it's better late than never, right? 



A new page has been added; "Brawl Pictures." I will keep all of the cooler pictures from Super Smash Bros. Brawl that I take and put them up on that page every now and then.

That's all for now.


"A Few Days Later..."

A Day To Remember. 



Well, I have a large, yet unexpected update to give. I put up two "new" pictures under "Pictures of me", added one "new" picture to "Pictures", added some new stuff in "Fun Facts", and I've added a new game in "SK's Video Games."

Not something I expected to do, but I was bored and found a bunch of stuff that I didn't put up earlier/stuff that had happened since the last update. Only about three more months of school! Not to mention that my spring break will be the second week of next month.



Today is a relatively short update.


I have added "Dare To Be Stupid" to the "Collection of Weird Al songs" page. Awesome!



Well, today I've added a new section, "Random Pictures"


It's kind of like "Pictures of me", except without me being the focus of the pictures. Only one picture so far, but all things start small... for the most part.

Update to update:Well, I've added another picture to "Pictures of me"... that is all.



Today I made a terribly short update. It's a simple page edit to the "Collection of Weird Al songs" page... it does look better than before though.



 Today we have an update much different from the rest... sort of.

Well, I can't directly tell you what it is, but if you look for it you'll find it.

Have fun.



Well, I didn't expect to do another update this month, but here it goes...


I've updated the "Fun Facts" with a bit more... facts, the "SK's Video Games" page with another... video game, and the "Pictures of me" page with a couple more... pictures of me.



First update of this year! Cherish it!

Anywho, I've updated "Collection of Weird Al songs", "Fun Facts" and "SK's Video Games".

Yeah, and School's still taking time from me, but... it's good to have an education, so eh.


The beginning. It started in the summer, and was tended to at least once every month until the end of the year. My wacked up and short introduction is at the bottom of this page, of course!



Today I didn't do anything major, but that comes with my current laziness. There's a new section in the "SK's Video Games" page.



Well, I have now added another picture to "Pictures of me" section, as well as added another game to the "SK's Video Games" and added two more Weird Al albums to "Collection of Weird Al songs".

Christmas actually hit me pretty hard with surprise, it turned out a lot better than I thought it would.

Update to update:I have now made a new page; "Fun Facts". It's just a bunch of interesting facts that nobody wanted to know about. Enjoy.



It's the day before my birthday! Not that it's significant or anything...


Well, I've made a tiny addition to the "SK's Video Games". (In fact see if you can find it!) I have also added onto "Collection of Weird Al songs" by adding "Bad Hair Day", as I recently received it as an early Christmas present, as well as "Pictures".

This is actually a rather large update compared to most... I almost feel proud.



Today I don't have much to add. I have added one new picture to the "Pictures of me" page. Lately, I've been doing cheap, homemade music videos for "Weird Al" songs, so there's a slight possibility they might appear here.


Not much else to say, except I have some new sunglasses and a cooler bed!



Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night... well, it's not night for me yet. Anyhow, I have added a new page, "SK Rants". It's basically my database for things I get just a bit angry over, and a place where I try to prove a point. But it's only up to you to say that I have made a valid point! 

NEWSFLASH: I've deleted this page off the site. You can thank me later.



Well, I didn't update the previous update, but I have uploaded a couple of of pictures on the "Pictures of me" page as well as added  the "Poodle Hat" album from "Weird Al" Yankovic to the "Collection of Weird Al songs" page.

In other news, I have recently moved to a new house and have a million boxes left in the garage.

Update to update: Well this is probably the largest update so far... anyway, I've added onto the "SK's Video Games" page. That is all... I hope.



Well, here's another month. I've added a couple more pictures to the "Pictures of me" section.

I feel like I should have a bit more added today, so expect this update to be updated with an update to the site.



Today I've added onto the Collection of Weird Al songs. I've added Running With Scissors and the years of release to all of the albums.

School's really biting into my schedule...



I've added  "SK's Video Games". Don't think that's all I have. I definitely have tons more. I just don't feel like going through all the other stuff when I can name Wii and VC games off the top of my head.



This is either a depressing or an awesome moment in my life. I start going back to school on the fourth of next month. Well, on another note I added on with some more recent pictures in the "Pictures of me" section. Might add more pages later.



Hey once again, alright, just added a new section, "Pictures of Me"! Alright, maybe you wished I never put that bit up, but I also fixed up something that apparently didn't work. Yayz! 



Hey and welcome to my page that is filled with stuff about me and all that jazz. I'll keep stuff about me here and some stuff I did in my spare time. Enjoy a closer look into the idiot... and see what he's made of.