Pictures of me

Good, you waited long enough to scroll down to this part instead of just clicking on "Pictures". 

Normal and Serious Pose

 Well, as you can see, I'd look natural in a suit. In fact, about three years ago at a wedding, I was dressed up in a suit and made serious face for a picture taken of me along with some other guys dressed up the same way. It's amazing how I can look like a business man when I'd seriously hate to be one.

Pretty Awesome Picture

Actually, while I like this picture more than most of mine, I was really just out of Titles for this picture, so yeah. Anyway, this picture isn't up-to-date since I recently had a haircut, I'm still trying to figure out if it's cool or not.

On the Floor!

(The original picture was a dead link) ...And here is my "artsy" and cheaply edited version:

Just a bit of brightness, color editing and cropping, not that much.



Okay, I forgot about the "School's Out" thing, but it is! Anywho, this picture is of me with showing what I do in my spare time... shut up.



More of the same, only... scarier. It's like a 40s horror movie with an 80s rock band twist!

Leg-Behind-Head 2

Alright, I might stop doing these so frequently from now on. As much fun as it is to put my leg behind my head, I'm trying to widen my horizons... on a lot of things.

Serious Drama

Well, here's a picture that was taken of me for a Drama profile in school. I think I should have been a bit more goofy or something. But my teacher loved my profile... because the profiles were meant to be fabricated and creative/funny. The picture is still okay though.


Hanging out at the Movies

It's a cell phone picture. But I still liked it. But yeah, we just watched a movie, so here I am waiting for my ride.


Accordion Hero

Another small cell phone picture of me. Here I am holding up my future "Axe." A true rock instrument.


Almost a Reference to a Movie

I'm apparently astounding the camera with my cool 2D effects. Anyone else think it's weird how 3D movies are suddenly making a comeback? Fifty years later?

From my Extension Days.

This is me in a wig back when I did a play in the character of Chief Bromden (aka "Ol' Deaf and Dumb," "Chief Broom"). Apparently I played a very convincing Indian. In the words of a young girl, "You stand still really well!"

My Best Friend

At one point, that girl was my world. She still is my best friend ever, but she moved away and I haven't seen her in months.