Fun Facts

Here's a page full of little bits of information that probably doesn't matter.

Physical Status:

6 feet tall  (Exactly)

Shoe size: 13

Hair color: Dark Brown (My hair is huge)

Facial Hair: It's there. Most of the time.

Physical Ability:

I can put my left foot behind my head.

I can kick my left leg up really high.

I can bend my fingers back pretty far.

I can cross my eyes.


Dallas, Texas


I can't make my voice go very high without helium, but it can go extremely deep. I can impersonate Golem from Lord Of The Rings pretty well. I'm working on a few other voices right now as well.


Eighteen years old. I was born on December 18th, 1991, late 7:00 PM. 


Favorite School Subject:

Creative Writing. Did it my senior year and loved it. Great teacher, great class. It used to be Theater, which I still aspire through. Even before that I was a huge nerd and really liked English. 


Random Stuff

-I have almost every Weird Al CD there is.

-I used to be a very hardcore Back to the Future fan.

-I was born the same day and month as Jim "Kimo" West.

-I'm writing multiple books right now. Working on one second draft.

-I've loved reading and writing since I was five or six years old.

- I've seen Weird Al live before.