Mason Kernel

This started as a project to bring sbc to the supersonic ICS aokp rom. However I decided to go ahead and move forward with moving over some of the fine work that is going on for the Nexus line and bring it over to our beloved evo4g. I want to stress that to my knowledge the things that will be included beyond what is in Tiamat/CM9 proper are not very well tested on our platform.

The overwhelming goal is to bring performance and stability improvements to the supersonic platform. The original idea, had a little less scope. I have now broadened its scope to include ICS, GB, and even Sense soon. The project will actually breed a whole line of kernels built for the supersonic with the needs of it's community in mind. Let's breathe some new life into our platform.


  • CPU Frequency governors: conservative, ondemand, ondemandX, interactive, interactiveX, smartass, smartassV2, intellidemand, SavagedZen, minmax, lazy, lagfree, userspace, powersave, Lionheart, brazillianwax
  • I/O Schedulers: deadline (flash optimized), vr, noop, cfq, bfq, sio
  • HAVS, KSM (I series), Ext2/3/4, NTFS
  • SBC, FSO, and standard variants.


You love this kernel right, by me a beer or something, I'll keep hacking if I can keep drinking.

For those who have already donated, thank you. You can take some personal satisfaction in knowing that you're helping further development.