Lodge History            
This lodge has a warrant dated 1st September 1943 and was consecrated on the 3rd of February 1945 and meets on the first Thursday of every month (except June, July, August and September). The time between the issue of the Warrant and Consecration of the lodge was obviously because the formation was delayed until the end of the second World War,
The name of the Lodge comes from local connections: In 1597 a family named Langford lived in Trowbridge, they were clothmen, bore arms and had free fishing rights in the river Bysse. The daughter of Edward Langford, Mary, married Henry Hyde of Dinton (where now stands Hyde House). Their third son, Edward, born 1609, studied at Oxford and the Middle Temple, and became Member of Parliament for Wootton Bassett in 1640. When the Civil War broke out he was knighted and appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, Later Lord Chancellor and advisor to Charles II and, in 1661, was created Baron Hyde, Viscount Cornbury and Earl of Clarendon. His daughter married the Duke of York who later became James II. One of their daughters was Queen Mary, who married William of Orange. These two ruled together as William & Mary.


     Clarendon House, also near Salisbury, was an ancient Palace of the Plantagenet Kings and was the scene of the drawing up of the Constitutions of Clarendon, on which was subsequently based the Magna Carta.

The Lodge premises have been greatly improved over the years, much assistance in this was given by W Bro D R Lloyd, Lodge Treasurer for many years, who arranged the building of the new dining room, before that was done the Stewards cooked and served the meals.

In 1966 the current Lodge Banner was Dedicated, this was presented to the Lodge by W Bro. Shipp. It had been made at his expense. In that year contact was made with the Clarendon Lodge 7041, South Africa and this has been an ongoing theme with fraternal visits periodically.

The Lodge has also provided an excellent Provincial Director of Ceremonies, in W Bro. Fred Hallworth P G S D, 1982 to 1992, and the Editor of the Wiltshire Masonic Reference Book, for what looks like being the longest serving editor, in the person of W Bro Peter Smith P Pr SGW. The current most senior officer within the lodge is VW Bro GTR Read who held the grand rank of G Swd B and also DPGM.