The George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Though it sits a little ways outside the District of Columbia, the George Washington Masonic National Memorial is a fascinating site that was erected in the memory of George Washington, the Mason.

The building itself was inspired by the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt and sits 333 feet tall.  As per Masonic tradition, the memorial’s cornerstone was laid on November 1, 1923 during a Masonic ceremony.  Construction of the building was completed in 1932; however, the interior of the building was not completed until 1970.

The Memorial contains numerous exhibits and museums aimed at educating visitors on George Washington’s past, as well as the history of Freemasonry within the United States.  The George Washington Museum, located within the tower of the memorial, contains numerous Washington-related artifacts.  The Tell Cedars, Knights Templar, and Shrine Exhibits all seek to introduce several of the appendant bodies of Freemasonry.  Also make sure to check out the observation platform (located on the ninth floor of the memorial) which offers great views of the Potomac River, Alexandria, Virginia, and Downtown D.C.