The Masonic Kilties of New Jersey


On behalf of the Brethren of the Masonic Kilties of New Jersey, let me be the first to welcome YOU to our website! The Masonic Kilties of New Jersey are a Masonic degree team which specializes in conferring the Third, or Master Mason Degree, in full Scottish Highland dress. Within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, we confer the Second Section only, as the host Lodge confers the First Section. Out-of-state, we are required to confer (or exemplify) the entire Degree, according to the standard ritual of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey.

As many of our members are of Scottish birth and almost all have some Scottish connection, the varied accents frequently put a different emphasis on the ritual! Usually the Degree Team is accompanied by at least one Piper, and sometimes also by a Drummer, who not only pipe us in when we enter the Lodge, but also play during the various Perambulations during the course of the Degree.

The Masonic Kilties of New Jersey are not a Lodge, nor do we all belong to any one Lodge. Our members belong to many Lodges, and come from the North, South, East and West of New Jersey, as well as Pennsylvania and New York. We have no regular meetings or rehearsals, nor do we know in advance what work will be assigned to any individual for a given Visitation. We have a Coordinator who assigns the work, and he reads those assignments to us only a few minutes before we enter the Lodge Room for the Degree.

While the music of the Pipes and Drums greatly enhance the degree work, the colorful tartans of the Kilts and the high standard of the ritual work combine to impress Candidates and Side-Liners alike, and always make for a spectacular and memorable evening!

If you are a Master Mason in good standing, Member of a Lodge under the jurisdiction of, or recognized by, the Grand Lodge of New Jersey F&AM, YOU are eligible for membership in The Masonic Kilties of New Jersey! The only additional requirements are that you have, or acquire with six months, a formal Kilt outfit; that you attend at least one Kiltie function per year and that you are vouched for by two members of the Kilties. NOTE that you are no longer required to be of Scottish birth or heritage. If you are interested, click here to download an Application in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or visit the Document Library for other options.

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We celebrated our 100th Anniversary in 2014, and to commemorate it we have commissioned lapel pins and polo shirts. Please look for the combined order form in the Document Library or CLICK HERE. Thank You!

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