Willston Resolution

Attention Member Associations: Please plan to discuss/vote on this resolution at our January 22n
d Meeting.  PTA representatives are also asked to adopt
this resolution or some form thereof and send a copy to:
Penny Gross our Supervisor:  mason@fairfaxcounty.gov
Sandy Evans our school board representative: ssevans@fcps.edu
CC:  Masondistrictcouncil.org@gmail.com
A copy of this is also available to download at the bottom of this page.

Mason District Council of Community Associations Resolution for the

Return of the Former Willston School site

to the Fairfax County School Board

(6131 Willston Drive, Falls Church, VA)



The Mason District Council of Community Associations recommends the following resolution be adopted by a vote of our member associations on January 22, 2015.



Whereas, quality education and school facilities are essential to protect and preserve the families, residents, neighborhoods and property values of Mason District;


Whereas, almost all Mason District schools are currently at or exceed capacity and most will exceed capacity within the next five years;


Whereas, the Bailey’s Crossroads comprehensive plan amendment calls for nearly 9,000 new residences;


Whereas, the comprehensive plan recommendations by the Seven Corners Task Force include at least 5,000 new residences in Seven Corners;


Whereas, these new residences, along with other growth, will require additional school capacity;


Whereas, Mason District has limited land available for school construction;


Whereas, 6131 Willston Drive was originally the property of the Fairfax County School Board prior to 1983;


Whereas, the site of the former Willston School at 6131 Willston Drive is 5 acres and is a reasonable and suitable location for a new school;


Whereas, FCPS Superintendent Karen Garza, Mason District School Board representative Sandy Evans and the Mason District Council of Community Associations  have requested the return of the Willston School site for use by Fairfax County Public Schools;


Whereas, the Seven Corners Revitalization Task Force’s responsibilities did not include looking at school issues in Mason District nor did their responsibilities include recommending individual uses for particular buildings in the opportunity areas. Consequently, it is not accurate to state the Seven Corners Task Force approved placing an East County Government Building at the site of the former Willston School;


Whereas, the new Human Services Building proposed for the Willston site would be at least 180,000 sq ft and cost at least $125 million;


Whereas, Fairfax County is facing a $179 million budget deficit;


Whereas, Fairfax County has a 17% office space vacancy rate;


Whereas, it would be more financially prudent to use the former Willston School site as a school, and for Fairfax County to acquire vacant office space to provide for human services;


Therefore, be it resolved that the Mason District Council of Community Associations, its members and many other residents do not support the construction or locating of a Human Services building at the former Willston School site;


Therefore, be it also resolved that the County should utilize current vacant office space for county human services offices;


Therefore, be it further resolved that the Mason District Council calls for Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross to take immediate and necessary steps to ensure that  the Board of Supervisors return the former Willston School site to the Fairfax County School Board.
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