Area Neighborhood Clean Up Efforts

Sleepy Hollow Community and Watershed Cleanup

As fall draws near, it’s time to reflect back upon the great work that was done by many SHCA neighbors during the Community and Watershed Cleanup on Saturday, April 4th.

About a dozen neighbors gathered near the culvert on Holmes Run Road with gloves and safety vests, and grabbed either bright blue or green bags to journey into the watershed and tackle the mighty Tripps Run. Nearly 80 feet of the culvert on both sides of Holmes Run and over 200 feet along Tripps Run - north towards Annandale Rd. and south to Holloway Rd. – were cleaned completely of all types of litter.

As you can see in the “before” picture (above left) there was a substantial amount of litter in the watershed including plastic and paper materials of every size and color, clothes, soda cans, metal rods, and even a bike frame and a hubcap. Over 20 large plastic bags were filled with materials collected from the stream and its banks.

A few of the volunteers got quite a startle by three large fish (one easily over a foot long) that surfaced when we were wading through Tripps Run. One volunteer even got “baptized” in Tripps Run as the large fish went between her legs. We all had a good laugh at that moment – even the volunteer who took the plunge into the water.

Many thanks to all, but our special gratitude to Jeanine Manley who does a great job organizing the SHCA litter cleanups. She always has us prepared with everything we need for the cleanup activity. The other volunteers included Curtis and Julian Anderson, Karl Gerdes (Leader of Cub Scout Pack 1229), Kim Mydland, Jeanine’s husband William Manley (who got the “most prepared” award with the great boots he wore), Jim Flatness and Gus & Jeannette Rassam. A shout out also goes to several neighbors who stopped by to congratulate and cheer us on as we headed in or came out of the culvert and down into Tripps Run.

We all had a great time learning more about the watershed and got a close look at the water that flows through our neighborhood. We all have a clearer understanding of the impact litter has on the land and water the critters depend on and all of us enjoy. Again, thanks to all who participated, and we hope to see you at future clean-ups as well!

Parklawn & Barcroft Mews Community clean up in February

The neighborhoods of Parklawn and Barcroft Mews teamed up for this event.  It was also advertised through the PTA at the local elementary school. 
For more information see our website.