Land Use Committee

The Land Use Committee is an active committee that is engaged in ensuring neighborhoods have a voice in all aspects of revitalization and development in the Mason District.

Below you will find some articles and the resolution that the MDC adopted which mirrors the Fairfax Federation of Citizens resolution on PDH (Planned Development Housing).  The Fairfax Federation and the Mason District Council Land Use Committee have also written letters to the Board of Supervisors asking that they stop using this type of zoning which erodes the character of our established neighborhoods and packs many homes onto small plots of land.

Additionally, please see our page on RSUs (Residential Studio Units.)

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Carol Turner, Land Use Chair:

Latest Article: June 13, 2012

Against Wishes of HOAs, Board of Supervisors Approves Peace Valley Lane Plan Amendment

"The decision contrasts with the position of the residents and community leaders who spoke against the approval of the amendment."
“I can’t believe all the time and money that has been spent to dictate what’s on this little piece of property. Why must houses be crammed into every parcel in our district?” said Ravenwood resident Debbie Smith. “Although the proposed amendment will certainly benefit the developer, I fail to see how this increased density will either enhance or benefit the surrounding neighborhoods or the greater Seven Corners community.”


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