Training / Education

New ARES Members Training

Continuing Education

Recommended training and additional certifications but not required for ARES membership are

FEMA Courses (free). Many of these are required for the ARRL EC-016 course.

  • IS-1 Emergency Manager An Orientation to the Position.
  • IS-26 Guide to Points of Distribution.
  • IS-120 An Introduction to Exercises.
  • IS-130 Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning.
  • IS-139 Exercise Design.
  • IS-240 Leadership & Influence
  • IS-241 Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • IS-242 Effective Communication
  • IS-244 Developing and Managing Volunteers.
  • IS-250 Emergency Support Function 15 (ESF-15) External Affairs.
  • IS-288 The Role of Voluntary Agencies in Emergency Management.
  • NIMS ICS-300, Intermediate Incident Command System
  • Highly recommended, but not required. It is a classroom course
  • NIMS ICS-400, Advanced Incident Command System
  • Recommended but not required. This is also a classroom course.
  • IS-317 Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams
  • IS-802 Emergency Support Functions Communications

ARRL Courses (fee required)

Specific information on the ARRL - Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course EC-016 Management