Mason County , WV

Amateur Radio Group

Calling all frequencies... Calling all frequencies... Calling all frequencies... 

Welcome aboard to the digital station of the Mason County Amateur Radio Group! This is where the thrill of radio meets the charm of Mason County, West Virginia!

So, you're probably wondering, "What's this Amateur Radio business all about?" or "How can I join the fun?" or maybe even, "What's the dent on my wallet going to look like?" Worry not, we've got all your queries covered!

- Amateur Radio, affectionately known as ham radio, is a compelling blend of people, technology, and communication. This isn't just about chitchatting over the radio. This is about reaching out across the town, the globe, or even beyond our world, into the vast expanse of space - all without relying on the internet or cellular networks. It's a hobby that's fun, sociable, educational, and could very well be a beacon of hope during crises.

- Eager to get on the airwaves? It's straightforward! All you need to do is dive into the materials or enroll in a class, pass your test, grab your radio, and you're ready to start broadcasting. You're just a few steps away from becoming part of a worldwide community of radio enthusiasts.

- Concerned about the costs? Here's the good news: The test usually costs around $15. While some groups might charge for classes, we at Mason County Amateur Radio Group believe in sharing the love for radio freely. The only thing you need to invest in is study material. We recommend the Gordon West Series books, which typically cost between $20-30. As for the radio itself, the sky's the limit! You can start with a basic model as low as $25, or if you're really serious, there are high-end models that run into the thousands.

So, are you ready to tune into the world of Amateur Radio? The Mason County Amateur Radio Group is here to guide you through every step. Let's start this exciting journey together!