A writer of many worlds

Munazza Siddiqui


   If ever there was an angel and a devil rolled into one, it’s Maskwaith Ahsan. A man born ahead of time. A ferocious writer, yet the softest of human beings; to be loved and feared, to be trusted but with whom there are no second chances. 


 The moral, ethical, political and religious questions afacing the world today are no longer black and white. Greyness surrounds our lives. A writer with clarity of vision is, hence, a novelty. 


 Maskwaith Ahsan’s books and short stories are a journey through the greyness. Where the novelty of his narrative helps us understand ourselves, his unique style of expression leads us to his vision of the world.


   Influenced by Bernard Shaw’s Chocolate Cream Soldier, Maskaith Ahsan is an anti-romantic person yet an extremely romantic writer. Like a little Buddha he tries to discover the high seriousness of life; like a maestro he plays around with the light and shadow of politics; and like a very simple man he breaks the glass walls of corporate culture, giving new yard sticks for failure and success in life. 


Though melancholic in nature, Maskwaith has the zest to ruthlessly dissect the social or anti-social behaviors of superficial elites and philistines, and rediscover life through each of his works.


Munazza Siddiqui


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