to the Internet library of poems written by Dr. Tolbert Small, co-founder (with Anola Price Small, R.N.) of the
Harriet Tubman Medical Office in East Oakland, California and former physician to the founding chapter of the Black Panther Party.

As you'll discover by following the links at left, Dr. Small played a prominent role in the social activist scene of the 1960s and 1970s in the United States. "We considered ourselves freedom fighters," he says today. "We fought for peace, economic justice, health care, and against racism,  imperialism, and colonialism. It's ironic that lions only kill for food, but human beings kill for profit."

Tolbert Small continues to serve the community now as
"the people's doctor" at the Tubman Medical Office, where he has a new extern program that encourages people of color to join the health care field.  His poetry, reflecting his many life experiences and the people he has met along the way, can be shared with everyone here.

Have a seat, and let the words and images take you on a poetic journey.

A sampling of these poems is also published on the web site It's About Time - Black Panther Legacy & Alumni, a virtual library of BPP information.  http://www.itsabouttimebpp.com/index.html

The poem, "Caretakers," appears in
Natural Protest: Essays on the History of American Environmentalism, Routledge Press. 

The poem, "America," appears in the Longman Topics reader
American Dreams.

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© 2013-2017, Tolbert Jones Small

Revolutionary medicine is his name … too bad there aren’t more doctors like him in town. We’d be a lot healthier. Perhaps his love of Black history and poetry and African masks has something to do with it.

          - Wanda Sabir

            San Francisco Bay View

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