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Homemade fruit Whitening Mask

Fruit there are also many magical power of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals with the characteristics of fruit, moderate, can bring an unexpected extra skin moisturizing effect. Here's introducing a few home-made fruit whitening mask to you:

Homemade fruit Whitening Mask - Banana Mask

Banana with acid, with moisturizing, moisturizing effect, combined with milk to reconcile, moisturizing good effect. Daocheng Muddy for attaining a banana is a very common fruit mask. Banana oil and Vitamin ingredients can penetrate the skin, moisturizing the skin, in particular, especially suitable for dry skin to use., Banana with sticky nature brought at attaining a very convenient, has always been a mask of the ultra-popular fruit ingredient.

Homemade fruit Whitening Mask - Papaya Mask

Papaya enzymes can get rid of the aging of the skin surface of keratinocytes, the AHA and BHA acid composition than the mild, easy to stimulate the skin. Papaya is also very often being used at attaining that can help clear the pores of a moderate dirt Oh! There are very good to protect skin moisturizing effect. Are generally the papaya Daocheng Muddy, directly deposited on the face, and then wash on it. If papaya slice to gently rub the skin, there is a good exfoliating effect. Basically, the papaya has soft white skin, Oxygen, dilute the effectiveness of skin beauty spots such as super.

Homemade fruit Whitening Mask - Kiwi Mask

Kiwifruit contain extremely rich in vitamins, while the eggs are rich in protein and a variety of minerals, is the replenishment of nutrients for the skin, a good helper. Often deposited in this mask, your skin will be more white is more slippery. Need an egg, a kiwi, kiwi chopped, smashed. Remove the egg yolk, will play the rest of the protein absorbed, add crushed fruit, mixing thoroughly. Apply to surface, wait 15 minutes, wash with warm water.

Homemade fruit Whitening Mask - Watermelon Clay Mask: fresh watermelon juice by adding Banchi milk then add the appropriate starch, smooth evenly over entire face, wash after 20 minutes, 1 -2 times a week, make darker skin white and shrink the coarse pores. This method of sun tanning the skin effect is good.

Homemade fruit Whitening Mask - Lemon juice Mask: filter lemon juice, Apply directly to face, for 15 minutes after the wash twice a week, can gradually whiten the skin, suitable for oily skin and thick black pigmentation of the skin .

Several home-made mask above makes it easy at home, DIY, easy and fun. However, to tell you that, because the fruit mask material is generally natural fruits and vegetables, because of all-natural without artificial additives, so we should pay special attention on the shelf, it is better to do now is to use Hello! If you can not run out of time, they must be put in the refrigerator, storage should not exceed one week. Production, the hand he must wash clean, install or use utensils Sheng also kept clean.