Geek Stuff

Yeah, kind of creepy at times 

 Online Contributions

  •  A bunch of volunteers writing the biggest encyclopedia in history. Here's my stuff.
  •  I help answer emails from the public. Here's one email. For a while I helped convert documents into html. 
  •  I was the paid webmaster for a few months and created a giant and beautiful site. Then a fiasco got hold and the site never went online. Don't ask and don't look at the hideous thing online I couldn't save.


Just in case you wanted to know where I surf, here are my bookmarks.  If you're me, you can read them on Foxcloud.

The Portal

My fantastical idea of a new breed of software, the Portal, that would change the world. 


For the sake of all that is still good  in this world, use it.



Geek Stuff