Bechara Maara Gaya
An alleged terrorist dies in police custody. The police claims it to be a suicide. The government sets up an inquiry commission. Alongside, an impostor is arrested. The impostor claims to be 'officially' crazy. The impostor infiltrates the inquiry commission posing as the governing judge. What follows is a case of mistaken identity, a little slap stick humour and a few digs at some of the prevalent evils of the system - all in all, a laugh riot. 
Bechara Maara Gaya is adapted from Dario Fo’s ‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’ by Chanakya Bhardwaj. It is a hilarious satire on various shortcomings of the system. The play, though set in present day North India, has a theme that goes beyond time, geography and language. Masked with slap stick humor, the undercurrent of the play hits hard at the audience. 

Directed by : Ashwini Kumar Chakre (Bangalore Shows)
                     Ajeytaa Agarwal & Akash Agarwal (Gurgaon Shows)

Playwright  : Chanakya Bhardwaj

Alliance  Francaise  Bangalore
(23rd May 2009)
(2 shows)
 Ranga Shankara Bangalore
(4th Jun 2009)
(1 show)
KH Kala Soudha Bangalore
(6th/7th March 2010)
(2 shows)
 Epicenter Gurgaon
(5th June 2011)
(1 show)
 Alliance  Francaise Bangalore
(16th Sep 2012)
(2 shows)
 Constable Gulaab Singh Ranjan Kotiyal Ranjan Kotiyal Chanakya Bhardwaj Chanakya Bhadwaj Anish Saha
 Paagal Pratyush Singh Pratyush Singh  Pratyush Singh Anant Prakash Pranay Pandey
 Sub-Inspector Pawan Nitin Sharma Nitin Sharma  Nitin Sharma Akash Agarwal Nitin Sharma
 Inspector Manohar Tiwari Abhinav Kimothi Abhinav Kimothi  Abhinav Kimothi Mukul Malhotra Abhinav Kimothi
 Constable 2 Siddharth Chaturvedi Siddharth Chaturvedi  Chanakya Bhardwaj Nikkhil Malhotra Anish Saha
 DCP Smit Kant Raturi Smit Kant Raturi Raheem Darediya Dhananjai Gaur Smit Kant Raturi
 Rajani Jahnavi Kamath Jahnavi Kamath Sukhmani Kohli Sharad Varma Parvathi Om
Production team 
 Vikas Singh Ayush GhaiDevdatta AkhaweFaiq Gazdhar, Prashant Giri, Vasuta Agarwal Atin Agarwal, Virginia Rodriguez


Bechara Maara Gaya , 23/05/2009 , Alliance Francaise , Bangalore