STEP Challenges Overview 2015

The Masconomet Science, Technology and Engineering (STE) department would like to invite you to its Science, Technology, and Engineering Program (STEP) on Thursday, March 5, 2015 in the high school small cafeteria.  Students will be showcasing their understanding and inquiry skills within a variety of discipline-focused events and expositions.  Students in physics, environmental science, biology, chemistry, and science and technology will be coming together across the College Preparatory, Honors and AP programs to compete within their respective disciplines.  Preliminary qualifying rounds will be held during the school day, and winners of each section will be invited to STEP 2015 to compete or present their findings.  Our approach allows members of the TriTown community to see a snapshot of how daily labs and activities integrate federal and state initiatives with district goals and 21st century skills.  Stop in anytime to see science in action. 


To see the full description of events and times, please visit the 2015 STEP Website at 



Environmental Science-Solar powered water heater

Students will create a solar water heater which will heat 100mL of water to the highest possible temperature in a 3 minute time span.  The smallest device (volume) achieving the highest temperature ( Celsius ) is considered the best device possible.

AP Environmental Science-Mr. Clark, Mrs. Densmore Ms. Miller-Charette

Chemistry- Qualitative Analysis of Unknown Solids

The challenge - Students will be given a list of possible unknown solids in advance of the event.  They will create a flow chart indicating how they can use various tests to identify their unknown solid from the list given by their teacher.

Conceptual Chemistry-Mrs. Densmore

College Preparatory Chemistry-, Mrs. Densmore, Ms. O'Brien, Ms. Rowett, Ms. Lund

Honors Chemistry-Ms. Lund, Ms. O'Brien


Biology- Enzyme Kinetics-Challenge #1

The Challenge: Students will design an experiment that demonstrates how environmental factors affect enzyme function.

Honors Biology-Ms. Fay


Biology- Planarial Regeneration  Challenge #2

The Challenge: Students will explore the growth rate and regeneration of different fragments (regions) of planaria (type of a type of  flatworm ). 

Honors Biology-Mr. Hartan


Physics-MJÖLNIR - Thor’s Hammer

Challenge – Students will safely launch a medium chicken egg vehicle as far as possible using a collision with a sledgehammer.

Honors Physics-Mr. Love, Mr. Kurtz