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STEP Challenges Overview 2016


Environmental Science-Solar powered water heater

Students will create a solar water heater which will heat 100mL of water to the highest possible temperature in a 3 minute time span.  The smallest device (volume) achieving the highest temperature ( Celsius ) is considered the best device possible.

Chemistry- Qualitative Analysis of Unknown Solids

The challenge - Students will be given a list of possible unknown solids in advance of the event.  They will create a flow chart indicating how they can use various tests to identify their unknown solid from the list given by their teacher.

Biology- Enzyme Kinetics-Challenge #1

The Challenge: Students will design an experiment that demonstrates how environmental factors affect enzyme function.

Physics-MJÖLNIR - Thor’s Hammer

Challenge – Students will safely launch a medium chicken egg vehicle as far as possible using a collision with a sledgehammer.