WINTER PARK OPERATIONS - We do our best to keep the park open and accessible through the winter months, but do close if needed for safety reasons (i.e. too icy inside the park, etc).

If you notice that it is getting dangerously icy inside the park and/or in the parking lot, please LET US KNOW!! You can reach us via email: mascomavalleydogpark@gmail.com. We have a contract with a local company and can have the parking lot sanded, but we can only do that if we know it needs to be done.

When it snows, the dog park only gets plowed out at the END of each storm. If you drive by and the lot hasn't yet been cleared, please do not try to drive in or use the park as you will likely get your vehicle stuck.

Park Rules (short version):


2023 Dog Park Membership Drive

The park is solely funded by membership dues and donations, so if you and your dogs love the park, please sign up for (or renew!) your membership today

Dues are just $25 per year, and all funds go directly to supporting the park. Membership dues help us cover ongoing operating expenses, such as plowing of the parking lot, weekly waste pick-up from Casella, poop bags, lawn mowing, etc. 

Click below to securely pay for your membership. 

If you have trouble with the above links, try www.paypal.me/MVDPS 

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Dues can also be paid via check made out to MVDPS and mailed to our PO Box (address in footer).

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