I was born and raised in Japan, where I got my BA and MA. I lived in Canada from 2005 to 2013, where I got my PhD and did post-doc thereafter. Then, I moved back to Japan to be visiting assistant professor at Intelligent Robotics Laboratory of Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University. As of March, 2017, I am Designated Associate Professor at Nagoya University. In the past, I taught and/or researched at many institutions, including the University of Calgary, the University of British Columbia, Osaka University, and Kyoto University. 

I work mainly in Epistemology, Philosophical Methodology, and Experimental Philosophy. The areas or problems I'm especially interested in are Contextualism/Invariantism, Theories of Knowledge, Epistemic Value, Epistemology of Intuition, the Importance of Intuition for Philosophy,Human-Machine Trust. As a native Japanese speaker, I'm also interested in whether there is any philosophically important difference between English and Japanese. My x-phi research pursues this interest. 

My other philosophical interests range over Philosophy of Language, Mind, Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Action Theory, and Phenomenology (my MA thesis is on Husserl).

The new are I'm recently working in is academic writing in higher education. I belong in the Academic Writing Center of Nagoya University. I'd be happy to help students with writing papers and essays in English and Japanese. 


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