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Attention viewers of Masala TV! 
We have been importing books, magazines, and clothing from Pakistan and supplying them to our customers in the United States for years. 
You can buy your very own Masala TV Food Magazine here! 
Every month, the magazine features new mouthwatering Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, and other international recipes in English and Urdu, interviews of Pakistan's top chefs, fun and entertainment, and much much more! 



                                                                   Ramadaan is Approaching!

                                                               And next issue is the Ramadaan special! 

             150 pages of colored, c

reative, and mouthwatering recipes for iftaar and sehri that you do not want to miss! 

Reserve your copy in advance by sending us an email and payment .

(Ramadaan issue will be available in the first week of August)

 Masala TV food Magazine the perfect gift for moms, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, brides-to-be and everyone else!
 You wont have to look for recipes online! They are in your hands now and forever to keep!
Dont miss our new Eid issue - book your issue now
Just email us the address and we will ship it to the gift recipient anywhere in the U.S.


How to purchase:


Get masala tv food magazine now.

$10 per magazine only ( 150 colorfull pages )  

If you want more copies just double the amount and we will send you copies accordingly

(shipping is included for unit

ed states only)

shipping time: 5-7 business days

We will refund your money back if you will not get your copy for some reason.

(canadian buyers can buy magzine here soon)


How to pay

Pay through paypal  (the most authentic way of payment, send money through email)

login at:

Select send money.

Write our email address in email section,

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Go further down then select" goods "

In the last section on the same page, write your home address and number of copies you want

We will get your address through paypal and will ship your magazine there.

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You can also find us at:

just search :Masala tv food magazine

and buy from there.

we have been selling different stuff on Ebay for years.

You can buy masala food magazine every month here with new recipes of top chefs of pakistan.
We recomand you pay once for six months and get masala food magazine in the mail every month for six month.
book your eid magazine now by making a payment at paypal.




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Don't miss out on this incredible offer!

To purchase your very own copy of the Masala TV food magazine in futur email us at:

 Please include the number of magazines you wish to purchase in future. This way we will be able to order the correct amount of magazines to accommodate our customers’ needs .

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