Welcome to My Lab

Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba

Masaki Miya, Ph.D. (宮 正樹)

Head of Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences

My former research focuses on reconstruction of the evolutionary history of fishes that has shaped the present-day diversity of >30,000 species through geographic space and geological time. To address this issue, my research group has assembled >1000 whole mitogenome sequences from various taxonomic groups and inferred their relationships and divergence times based on comparisons of these sequences. The resulting timetrees can be used to address evolutionary questions regarding patterns of diversifications.

More recently, my research team has developed a novel high-throughput multispecies identification system using environmental DNA from fishes. The new system is called “metabarcoding” and I designed universal PCR primers that are essential for metabarcoding eDNA from a diverse range of fishes. The new metabarcoding platform has the potential to serve as an alternative tool for biodiversity monitoring that revolutionizes natural resource management and ecological studies of fish communities on larger spatial and temporal scales.

Since March 29, 2013