I am a PhD candidate in the math department at the University of Michigan.  My advisor is Martin Strauss.  Before coming to Michigan, I got my B.A. in math and computer science from Swarthmore College.

News: I am currently on the job market!  

My interests lie mostly in applied probability, with applications including randomized algorithms, compressed sensing, matrix completion, coding theory, and group testing.  I dabble in quantum information theory and complexity theory.

Office: 3852 East Hall
Email: {my last name}@umich.edu   My last name has two o's and two t's.
Phone: (413) 884 2124

My friends and I made this awesome mural with crayons.  The theme of the mural is "dinosaurs, spaceships, and hot air balloons".

(I am the one with glasses, not the brontosaurus.)

Mary Wooters (with one t) is NOT my name, but apparently people google it looking for me so I may as well have it on my website.