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50km Ultra Marathon

*** NEW COURSE 2013 ***


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Ultra Marathon

START TIME 07:00am Registration from 06:00am

some minor course and aid stations changes may take place, keep an eye open for updates of any potential changes that may occur which can be brought about by weather or the authorities as late as the day before the event.

The Marysville region is set in the beautiful Yarra Ranges, although the previous two years have seen the marathon run mostly on bitumen and has for the most part been flat. This year we have created an event that better suits the surrounding area. We are more off road then in the past, we use more single trails and incorporate some rolling hiills and the odd steeper climb. But remember what you climb you get to descend at the turn around point. 

Although the courses are designed to follow the gentle river valleys they do offer some additional challenges. You will see some picturesque scenery and in other areas the devastation brought by the fierce inferno. However as time passes nature will also reveal new life and the rejuvenation over the past five years is quite spectacular.     

The Ultramarathon course starts beside the finish line gantry at Gallipoli Park, will head down stream along side the Steavenson River, then you will do a hook turn over the first bridge and follow the river trail back up stream for a few hundred metres. At the junction you make a left turn up a short but steep hill, at the top of the climb you turn right and marshall's will direct you across a road junction on to Kerami Cres, you proceed for 300M before veering right up RedHill Track, its a steady to steep climb followed by a fast descent to Dickenson track You will turn right here and continue along dickinson track past the Michaeldene intersection until you intersect with Lady Talbot Drive. You will now continue along Lady Talbot Drive, passing the 1/2 Marathon turn around point and continuing onto the Keppel  Falls track where you will turn left and continue to the Falls, on arrival at the falls take inthe scenery for a couple of seconds, you will be all the better for it. Then head back out of Keppel Falls track and turn left back on to Lady Talbot Drive. Continue up Lady Talbot Drive to the Ultra turn around point at Taggerty cascades Aid Station. You now get to enjoy the gentle downhill,. You will pass the Keppel Falls track and continue 200M where you arrive at Camerons Cascade track you will turn left off Lady Talbot Drive. You continue steeply up Camerons Cascade track until you reach the aid station, this section of the track is steep conserve energy. Turn left and do an out and back to Lake Mountain road on the rolling trail. Turn around and head back,  You will now vere left on to Sunds road, you will then enjoy a roller coaster run for 6km, be sure to use the aid station before taking this section on its the longest gap between aid stations. At the bottom you rejoin Lady Talbot Drive, turn left and head for to Dickinson track junction, where you will turn right into Dickinson track and continue along retracing your first 4km. Continue along Dickenson track, turn left up Red Hill and on until the Junction of with Woods Point Road. Here you will follow the direction of the Marshalls to safely cross the road and head back down the track to the oval, again turning right along the river and then left over the bridge you first crossed at the start. You Turn left off the bridge and head along the new trail beside the river, veering right at the horse shed follow the dirt road between the tennis courts and the horse paddock up to Falls Rd. turn left on Falls road and continue for approximately 4km, all the way to Steavenson Falls.
Go through the car park to the base of the Falls. (Don't forget to admire the beauty of them).
Turn around and head back toward the car park only this time you veer right off the road down on to the walking trail beside the river. Follow tree fern gully track all the way to Yellow Dog road. At Yellow Dog road turn right and head out the road for 1km. Turn round and come back to tree fern gully track. Turn right on to tree fern gully track you will cross the bridge to the otherside of Steavenson River and follow the track back toward Gallpoli Park.
Continue on past the the oval to the second bridge, turn left over the bridge then left toward to the oval, you will
be guided to an entry on the football oval where you will complete an anticlockwise 3/4 lap to the finish line.

Congratulations you have just completed the RACV Marysville Ultra Marathon

NOTES on the ultra course

 -  It is 50km
 -  time cut offs will be applied on return to Gallipoli Park at 40km point
 -  It is on challenging terrain
 -  there is spectacular scenery
 -  you go right to Kepell Falls and Steavenson Falls and feel the spray
 -  but you will climb some steep ascents to take in the views
 -  the descent are fast and fun, but exercise extreme caution
 -  the course is more technical then a typically road marathon
 -  it is more off road then on
 -  actually you will spend less then 3km on bitumen
 -  total cutoff time and 40km time check to be confirmed (estimated 6-7hrs)