How to Volunteer HERE

The following companies have programs that enable their employees to earn a grant for our organization by volunteering:
  • Honda
  • Verizon
  • CenturyLink
If you work for one of these companies, please consider volunteering for the boosters and applying for one of these grants.  
The MHSBBI is a 501(c)(3) organization - donations are tax-deductible.
Volunteer Opportunities:

Pit Crew - We need help with our Pit Crew (getting equipment on and off the field) for football games and competitions

Football Season - We need chaperones for the away games, We need help with Krispy Kreme Donut Sales after the game (we need 6 sellers at every game and a coordinator). We need help with meals for the kids before all the away games.

Competitions - We need chaperones.

Fundraising Committee - We need 3-4 people willing to help with fundraisers throughout the year. The responsibility will be shared this year.

Sponsorship Committee - We need 3-4 people willing to help solicit sponsorships for events and trailer ads.

Band Camp - we need volunteers to help with serving snacks and lunch and helping with uniforms.

Band Camp & Away Game Meals Chairperson

For Band Camp Week:
Plan and acquire food to feed the band during band camp week to include one snack and lunch each day. Lunch is served at noon in the school cafeteria. For lunch we have previously used a caterer. (Mia Olson 614-940-4858) The budget for lunch during band camp is $7000. Drinks are bought on sale or at Costco or Sam’s Club. The snacks during band camp are served around 10:00am in or near the band room. Previously, we have ordered from Sygma (contact Karen Mohr KMohr@SYGMAnetwork.com). We also try to get some snacks donated from Kroger and WalMart. The rest is picked up by a band booster with a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. The budget for snacks during band camp is $350.

Meals for Away Football Games:
Band dinners for away football games are served at 4:00pm in the school cafeteria. The meals have been arranged with different restaurants including: East of Chicago, Donatos (Dana 937- 642-700), subs from Wal-Mart (Deli 937-644-2800) and Chik-fil-A (Faith 614-717-9404). Some additional shopping is done at Costco or Sam’s Club for drinks, desserts and side dishes.