Ohio Hi Point Career Center

To Go Directly to the Ohio Hi-Point Website, click on the following:  http://www.ohp.k12.oh.us/
What is Ohio Hi-Point?
Ohio Hi-Point is for students who are at least 16 years old and have interest and the ability to benefit from courses in career-technical education.  There are no tuition charges for Career Center students other than fees similar to those normally found in high school.  The Career Center prepares students for employment after high school or provides access to 2+2 degree-granting programs at technical or community colleges.
From 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM, students spend 2 1/2 hours in lab and 3 hours in academics needed for graduation.  All students can earn 7 credits per year.  Some districts allow students to attend 1/2 day for lab only, taking academics at the home high school.  Students can still participate in extra-curricular activities and graduation at the home high school.  Job placement opportunities through the School-To-Work program allow second-year students to work and earn credit at the same time.
Students enroll at Ohio Hi-Point through their high school counselor.  The Guidance Office has information regarding enrollment procedures, program descriptions, and employment opportunities for students desiring job training at the Career Center.  All Hi-Point programs and classes require completion of a Hi-Point application.
A Marysville student can attend Ohio Hi-Point Career Center for a full day or a 1/2 day during their 11th and 12th grade years.
Full Day:
  • A student will have 4 periods in a Lab for a Career Training Program and 5 periods that will include lunch and academic classes (Math, English, Social Studies, etc). All of the student's classes will be at the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center.
1/2 Day:
  • A student would attend Lab only for a Career-Technical Program at Hi-Point.
  • If the student had an AM Lab at Hi-Point - The student would attend MHS 7th through 9th periods for academic classes.
  • If the student had a PM Lab at Hi-Point - The student would MHS 1st through 4th periods for academic classes.
  • Transportation is provided by the school district for both the full day and the 1/2 day program
Entrance Requirements
To attend Ohio Hi-Point without graduation deficiencies a student, by the end of the sophomore year, should have completed at least eight core credits and have a 1.5 minimum grade point average.  They should also have physical education and health credit as they are not offered at the Career Center.  If a student has credit deficiencies, a plan for meeting graduation requirements must be developed prior to starting at the Career Center.  Good attendance is important and students must not have missed more than 36 days during 9th and 10th grades combined to be accepted.
College Tech Prep
College Tech Prep is a program designed for completers to be able to  enroll in a two-year technical or community college with advanced credit earned while attending Ohio Hi-Point Career Center.  Students can earn from 7 to 37 college credits (depending on program) while attending the Career Center.  Ohio Hi-Point's post-secondary partners include:  Clark State Community College, Rhodes State College, Edison State, Wright State-Lake Campus, Owens Community College, Sinclair Community College, Hocking College and University of Northwestern Ohio, however, other colleges in Ohio will give advance standing to students completing a career-technical program.
Scholarships from our consortium partners are available to students completing a two-year College Tech Prep program who have good grades and attendance and take senior-level math.  These currently range from $1000 to $2400.  In addition, top students compete for larger scholarships including a $2000 scholarship at Rhodes State and a full scholarship at Clark State.  There are nine College Tech Prep programs at Ohio Hi-Point including:  Architectural and Mechanical Design, Automotive Technology, Auto Collision Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Information Technology, Early Childhood Education, Health Technology, Business Administration Technology, and Culinary Arts.
Exploration Visits
Exploring Career Training Options at Ohio Hi-Point
WHY:  Are you wondering what your son or daughter will do after graduation?  Are you looking for ways to help him/her learn about a job in the working world?  In an effort to help  students explore career options, Ohio Hi-Point Career Center has designed a program called Exploration Visits.  Hands-On skill training during high school is a smart, effective way to start a career.  jobs can be easy to find but careers have to be made.  Where else can you learn a skill, earn college credits, and save money, all while in High school?
WHAT:  A two hour hands-on learning experience in the career area of your choice to provide freshman and sophomore students an in-depth career training experience while engaged in hands-on-learning.  Full day visits allow students to attend two different career-technical programs.  Students who are eligible for  half-day visits will select only one program.  Students will need to dress appropriately, no open toed shoes or shorts will be permitted due to students going into labs.
WHERE:  Ohio Hi-Point Career Center
              2280 State Route 540
              Bellefontaine, Ohio
COST:  While at hi-Point, the student can purchase a lunch for $2.50 with a la carte items available.
TRANSPORTATION:  Our school district will provide transportation for Exploration Visits to and from Hi-Point.  The  bus leaves at 7:15 AM and arrives back to the high school about 3:15 PM for a full day, or will return at 11:30 AM for a morning session only.  The bus for the afternoon session leaves at 10:35 AM and returns at 3:15 PM.  Students need to arrange transportation home upon arriving back at MHS at 3:15.
SIGN-UP:  You must register with your guidance counselor.  Registration is limited, register early so you will not be closed out.  In order to participate, you must be pre-registered with Ohio Hi-Point two weeks in advance.
Marysville has the opportunity to send students on the following Tuesdays for Sophomores:  December 4, 12th; January 15, 17; February 12 and March 5.
Freshman & Senior Only Program (For this year's Juniors):  April 9
Career Options:
Animal Management Technology
Architectural & Mechanical Design
Auto Collision Technology
Auto Services
Auto Technology
Building Maintenance
Business Admin. Technology
Culinary Arts
Diesel Technology
Early Childhood Education
Electronics Engineering Technology
Health Technology
Information Technology
Plumbing & Pipefitting
Printing & Graphic Arts
Professional Turf & Landscaping
Hi-Point is offering six one year programs for seniors for the 2011-2012 school year.  These programs are:
Offered at Hi-Point
Medical Care Services
Administrative Office Specialist
Offered at MHS
Teaching Academy III
Construction Trades III
Health Tech III
Offered at Grimes Field Airport, Urbana
Aviation Occupations III
Juniors may sign up for an Exploration Visit to one of these programs.  See your Guidance Counselor if you are interested.
Are you interested in a particular program at Hi-Point but want to stay at MHS?  Then the satellite programs may be for you.  The satellite programs are career prep classes from the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center taught at Marysville High School and surrounding high schools in the Hi-Point consortium.
The following programs will be taught at Marysville for the 2010-2011 school year:
  • Health Technology I
  • Health Technology II
  • Health Technology III
  • Teaching Professions Academy I
  • Teaching Professions Academy II
  • Teaching Professions Academy III
  • Construction Trades I
  • Construction Trades II
  • Construction Trades III
*  Because Construction Trades is off-site, Marysville Schools will provide transportation to & from the program.
The following programs will be offered to Marysville students at surrounding districts:
  • Financial Services - Graham High School
  • Information Technology - Upper Scioto Valley High School
  • Aviation - Grimes Field Airport, Urbana
  • Supply Chain Management - Urbana High School
  • PLTW Biomedical Science - Graham High School
Transportation for these programs sites are the responsibility of the parent/student.  Marysville Schools will not provide transportation.
Please see your Guidance Counselor if you have any questions about the satellite programs.
Ohio Hi-Point Articulation Agreements
Articulation agreements are in place for te programs listed.  Students who qualify can earn college credits or credits toward an apprenticeship in a trade area for work done at Ohio Hi-Point.  Contact Lynda Arehart, counselor at Ohio Hi-Point, with any questions concerning credits earned (937-599-3010  Ext. 1344)
Articulation Agreements can be found in the Course Planning Book.