NCAA/NAIA Eligibility

NCAA & NAIA Athletic/Scholarship Eligibility Information

Any student-athlete who is interested in information on the NCAA Clearinghouse and/or wants to file with the NCAA Eligibility Center, should go online to to get information or to apply.  To be eligible to receive a scholarship from and/or be eligible for practice or participation in intercollegiate competition at the NCAA Division I or II institution, a student-athlete must graduate from high school and meet the NCAA academic requirements listed on the website.
Athletic participation at the Division III level is based only upon admission to the College or University.  If you are accepted as a student by the Division III institution, you are eligible for practice and competition.
If you are interested in a Junior College or 2-Year College, you need to talk with them about that institution's specific requirements.  Normally, the only requirement is that you have a valid high school diploma.
New Initial-Eligibility Standards for NCAA Division I College-Bound Student Athletes
College bound student athletes first entering a Division I college or university on or after August 1, 2015, will need to meet new academic rules in order to receive athletics aid (scholarship), practice or compete during their first year.
Full Qualifier must:
Ten of the 16 core courses must be completed before the seventh semester (senior year) of high school.
Seven of the 10 core courses must be English, math or science.
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To be eligible to receive a scholarship from and/or be eligible for intercollegiate competition at an NAIA Institution, a student-athlete must register with the NAIA Eligibility Center by going online to: