On October 9th, a representative from the United States Air Force will be visiting MHS.  He will be discussing the Air Force Academy admissions process as well as other Air Force educational options.  Please sign up in the Guidance Office if you are interested.

Ohio National Guard
SSG Bill Wells - Recruiter

United States Navy
Bellefontaine Office - 937-592-7570
Marion Office - 740-382-1154
United States Army
SSG Joshua Billingsley - Recruiter
United States Air Force
Staff Sergeant Jermaine L. Johnson
614-789-9641 - Office
614-361-4683 - Cell

United States Air Force Academy
Text "USAFA" and your email address to 614-361-4683
United States Marines
Sgt. Christopher W. Hoffer - Recruiter
304-550-7560 - Cell
Military Special Opportunities
ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
Test Dates listed on the  Guidance Events Page
  • Aptitude test (measures the ability to learn skills)
  • Helps you find the answer to "What am I going to do after high school?"
  • Taken by 3rd year students
  • Helps you identify your abilities for success in related jobs
  • Test interpretation and exploration of careers that best matches your abilities and interests will follow.
  • no commitment to the Military by taking the battery
  • Provided free to MHS and our students by the military