9th & 10th Grade Message Board

Freshmen/Sophomores – Prepare for your Future !

How to get started !!!!!!

1.        Do a good job scheduling classes for each school year.  Take the most challenging courses that you can handle and if you have questions – see your counselor.

2.       Keep track of your grades on Power School.  If you don’t understand what you see on your grade report – talk to your teacher.  If you are having problems with a class – talk to your teacher and/or counselor.

3.       Remember that any required course that is failed must be repeated so do your best the first time.  To do well in any class, you must study, do homework, and participate.

4.       As you go through high school, keep a list /journal/notebook of activities in which you have been involved such as school activities, community service, employment, and/or leadership roles or committees you have served.  This will be helpful for work, college, or scholarship applications.

5.       Your freshman year grades are approximately 25% of your final cumulative GPA on your high school transcript.  It is easier to keep your grades up now than to try to bring a GPA up during your senior year.  Remember this is the transcript of grades that you will use to apply to college and scholarship.  YES – ALL your grades (9th -12th grade) will be on the transcript!  If you are having problems talk to your teachers and counselor now.

6.       It is never too early to begin looking at career/college/military web-sites.

7.       Campus visits are a good way to get a feel for a college/university.  By the time you are a Senior, it is a good idea to have visited the colleges in which you plan to apply.


Resources for you to use:


Ohio Career Information System (OCIS) – This site helps you to investigate occupations, career interests, colleges/universities, programs of study, and financial aid and much more.  Below is the web address, user ID, and password you will need to be able to access this program for home or school.            

Available to all Marysville High School Students, Parents & Staff—provided by the Guidance Department through a subscription with OCIS

Information on:



Programs of Study/Training

Financial Aid

Practical Learning Activities

Career Interest Inventory (IDEAS)

OCIS as well as the IDEAS Career Interest Inventory is available to all Marysville High School students, parents, and staff via the Internet



Please stop in the Guidance Office for User ID and Password



  Course Planning Information – The course planning book is updated yearly as we begin the new scheduling cycle.  The information can be found at the following site:  https://sites.google.com/site/marysvilleguidance/scheduling

Information you may want to be familiar with as you plan your next schedule:

*Course Requirements for Graduation and Core Requirements for College

*Requirements for Honors Diploma

The current charts are listed below:

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS                                                 
CLASS OF 2014 and Beyond








MATHEMATICS: must include Algebra 2 or an equivalent course



SOCIAL STUDIES: must include 1 credit of World Studies, 1 credit American History, and 1 credit of American Government



SCIENCE: must include 1 credit of Physical Science, 1 credit of Life Science, and 1 credit of Advanced Science (see Science Department offerings)






PHYSICAL EDUCATION: must include PE 1 and PE 2 or PE1 and any PE elective 



FINE ARTS (Art, Band, Choir)





ECONOMICS AND FINANCIAL LITERACY: achieved in Accounting I, Entrepreneurship, Smart Food/Smart Money, and American Government



ELECTIVES: Any credits attained in the "Core Academic Areas" above that exceed the graduation requirement or any credits attained in courses offered in the following departments that are not used to meet graduation requirements: Agriculture and Technology; Business;   Career Technology; Fine Arts, Foreign Language, and Wellness.



ELECTIVES: Any credit from any department not counted in any   category above toward graduation requirements.





Comparison of Diplomas with Honors Criteria Students need to fulfill all but one criterion for any of the following Diplomas with Honors



High School Academic Diploma with Honors

Career-Technical Diploma with Honors


4 units

4 units


4 units, including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or equivalent and another higher level course or a four-year sequence of courses that contain equivalent content

4 units, including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or equivalent and another higher level course or a four-year sequence of courses that contain equivalent content


4 units, including physics and chemistry

4 units, including physics and chemistry

Social Studies

4 units

4 units

Foreign Language

3 units, including at least 2 units in each language

Not counted toward requirements

Fine Arts

1 unit

Not counted toward requirements


Not counted toward requirements, and may not be used to meet requirements

Now counted in Electives


Not counted toward requirements

4 units of Career-Technical minimum.  Program must lead to an industry recognized credential, apprenticeship, or be part of an articulated career pathway which can lead to post secondary credit.

Grade Point  Average

3.5 on a 4.0 scale (7th semester non-weighted)

3.5 on a 4.0 scale (7th semester non-weighted)

ACT/SAT Score [excluding scores from the writing sections]*

27 ACT/1210 SAT

27 ACT/1210 SAT

Additional Assessment

Not Applicable

Achieve proficiency   benchmark established for appropriate Ohio Career-Technical Competency Assessment or equivalent


Guidance Webpage – The Guidance Webpage is full of information from college information, testing, career information, to newsletters that will help you keep up with what is happening at MHS.  Take time to browse through it and if you have questions – see your counselor.



Marysville High School Website:  www.marysville.k12.oh.us , click on <schools>, then <Marysville High School>.  On the right side, you will see <Continue to Building Site>, click on that.  Once there, you may navigate through the site to see Departments/Clubs/Athletics/Announcements, etc.