I have eight years of experience teaching at the collegiate level.  I served as the sole instructor of 45 sections in 9 different topical areas.  I enjoy teaching introductory psychology, health psychology, sex and gender, statistics and research methods.  I am eager to tackle courses in topical areas related to social psychology, psychophysiology, and personality theory. My teaching philosphy is informed by the scientist-educator model. In my classroom, I create a collaborative learning with a strong focus on scientific litearcy.  

On this page, I've included examples and summaries of student feedback from my teaching evaluations.

Summary of Teaching Evaluations at Rutgers






Abnormal Psychology Laboratory





Infant and Child Laboratory





Abnormal Psychology





Health Psychology





Psychology of Sex & Gender





Note. All students rate the course on a scale of 1 to 5 with higher scores reflecting greater satisfaction. Students do not complete course evaluations at Bucks County Community College.

Example Syllabi 

Infant and Child Development Laboratory (Advanced Stats & Research Methods)

Introduction to Psychology

Psychology of Sex & Gender

Health Psychology

Example Assignments

Unique Research Paper for Abnormal Psychology

Different Perspectives Interview Paper for Psychology of Sex & Gender

Statistical Cookbook for Statistics and Research Methods Courses

Example Discusison Prompts for online courses in Introductory Psychology of the Psychology of Personal Awareness. 

Sample Student Comments from Evaluations

Abnormal Psychology Laboratory

-I now know how to conduct a study, what goes into conducting it, and how to write about it.

 -I may be wrong, but I felt as if I was getting training in doing actual research for psychology. It gave me a clearer understanding of how things are discovered in research, made me more critical of where I get my information, and what media I choose to listen to.

 -She organized assignments so that students could build on prior knowledge, so it was not overwhelming.

 Infant and Child Laboratory

-Professor Himmelstein helped me with each assignment. She was very detailed and thorough in grading and providing explanations.

-This class was interactive and interesting and I learned how to apply things learned in quantitative methods.

-She definitely presented the way to write scientific papers in whole different light. Writing them has become more bearable.

-I thought I learned a lot in my quantitative class about statistics but this class applied that knowledge. Now I feel I understand it so much more.

-I liked the teacher. She was really nice and answered every question you had. If you were confused about a topic we were learning, she would take the time out of her busy schedule to help you. 

- I feel more prepared to enter the psychology field after my undergrad education.

-Thanks to this course I now more comfortable using SPSS, doing research, and writing lab reports.

Abnormal Psychology

-I had such a good time in this class. I really looked forward to it every day. The way you assign grades is fair and you make complex things seem simple and understandable! Good job! It was a pleasure being your student!

-The class was well organized, and it just made everything easier to learn and to understand.

-I love how energetic the professor was, how motivated, and her openness to answering and receiving questions during class.

Health Psychology

-What I liked best about this course was Professor Himmelstein. She was always prepared and always willing to answer questions and further explain information if people did not understand. The information we learned in the class was very interesting, and when at times it got a little dry Professor Himmelstein did what she could to make it more interesting and engaging. 

 -I was looking forward to taking this class when I signed up for it, but I really believe Professor Himmelstein made the class. I think if I had the class with any other professor I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much because with the amount of information and time restraint it is tough to teach. I would absolutely take Professor Himmelstein again after this class. She is very relatable, understanding, and an overall wonderful professor.

 -I liked that the professor incorporated discussions into our small class. It got everyone involved and helped to explain the articles and lecture materials in greater detail.

 -I learned a lot more about not only health psychology, but also major diseases in general. I learned many more effective ways to improve my overall health than before.

 Psychology of Sex & Gender

-The material is very interesting and professor did a good job presenting the material objectively.

-I have gained knowledge about a lot of things which I didn't know such as household stats, income as a female, and sex differences.

-The material was really interesting and I actually did not mind the in class assignments. Discussing our points of view on topics was also a high point of this class.