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ESL reference materials for students

This part of the site contains many ESL resources for learners of English as a foreign language. Please explore the site, and if you can't find something about the English language that you think should be included on the site, let us know! We are constantly trying to improve the site and make it as complete as possible, so that it will be a valuable ESL resource for English students all over the world. Your feedback is very very important in this process!

Grammar reference

Phrasebook and vocabulary reference

Printable do-it-yourself phrasebook - translate the phrases yourself into any language!

General interest - information about the history and formation of the English language

Useful ESL/EFL links for students and teachers

For students:
  • Free translation here

For teachers:
  • Teaching ESL to Adults – An ESL tutor's website with resources for teaching adults ESL, including lesson plans, grammar tips, cloze exercises, English pronunciation tips, and ESL textbook evaluations.
  • Try Mary's English Course - Teachers' Site - lots of resources, activities, games, ideas, all free to download, edit, print, and use for the best ESL lessons.