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Vocabulary builder

Present continuous for future arrangements

Remember: we can use the present continuous to talk about future arrangements.

Here is Jim's diary for next week. Look at the diary and answer the questions about Jim.
Remember to use the present continuous!!
1) Is Jim having a meeting on Monday?
2) What's he doing on Sunday?
3) Is he free on Wednesday morning?
4) When is he having dinner with Sue?
5) Why is he going to the airport?
6) Is he going shopping on Tuesday?
7) When is he going swimming?
8) What are his plans for Saturday?

Talking about activities, hobbies, and sports

When we talk about activities, hobbies, and sports, we often use the verbs "go", "play", and "do".
 go (+ activity with "-ing")
 play (+ ball games and others)
 do (+ other activities)
 go swimming
go running
go jogging
go walking
go mountain-climbing
go shopping
go skating
go skiing
go snow-boarding
go horse-riding
go bungee-jumping
go parachuting
go dancing
 play tennis
play badminton
play volleyball
play football
play rugby
play cricket
play squash
play snooker
play billiards
play golf
play computer games
play cards
play chess
do judo
do karate
do martial arts
do yoga
do pottery

Write a few sentences about your plans for next week. Use the present continuous!

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