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Grammar focus

Present continuous

The present continuous is formed with "be" + "-ing". You can see the affirmative, negative and question forms in the table below.
 Person AffirmativeNegative
 Short Answer
 I I'm working (I am working)
 I'm not working
Am I working?
 Yes, you are / No, you aren't

 You You're talking (You are talking)
 You aren't talking
Are you talking?
 Yes, I am / No, I'm not

 He/She/It She's running (She is running)    
 She isn't running
Is she running?          
 Yes, she is / No, she isn't

 We We're playing (We are playing)
 We aren't playing            
 Are we playing?
 Yes, you are / No, you aren't

 You You're singing (You are singing)
 You aren't singing
 Are you singing?
 Yes, we are / No, we aren't

 They They're laughing (They are laughing)
 They aren't laughing
Are they laughing?
 Yes, they are / No, they aren't

Exercise 1: Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

a) I amn't going home.
b) We playing tennis today.
c) When you are having dinner?
d) Why he is doing that?
e) Are they watching TV? Yes, they watch.
f) I'm meet Anna tomorrow.
g) Are you coming to the park? Yes, I'm.
h) Is she go swimming? Yes, she is.

Present Simple or Present Continuous?

Remember that we use the present simple:
1) for states that are true in general
2) for actions that happen regularly (with words like "sometimes", "always", "never", "usually")
3) to show that a state is permanent

See the grammar reference for more information on the present simple and present continuous verb forms.

Exercise 2: Choose the correct form of the verb - present simple or present continuous.

a) I ____ home tomorrow! (go)
b) I usually ______ cereal and toast for breakfast. (have)
c) What ___ you ______ this summer? (do)
d) Hello, nice to meet you! What ____ you ____? (do)
e) He ______ _______ chocolate! (not like)
f) She usually ________ to work, but today it __________, so she __________ the bus. (walk, rain, take)
g) They never ________ TV. They prefer the cinema. (watch)
h) This summer we ________ on holiday to Spain. (go)

Now check your answers.