1. What's he doing?

Present continuous

The question "what's he doing?" asks about a
current activity (something happening right now,
or in a time period that includes now).

What's he doing? He's flying a plane.

What's she doing? She's teaching physics.

What are you doing? I'm cooking dinner.
This verb form is called the "present continuous".
We make it using the auxiliary verb "be"
+ main verb in the "-ing" form:

I am singing.                I'm singing.
You are walking.         You're walking.
He is jogging.              He's jogging.
She is cooking.            She's cooking.
It is raining.                  It's raining.
We are talking.            We're talking.
You are eating.            You're eating.
They are dancing.        They're dancing.
Look at the conversation:

What are you doing tonight, Jill?

I'm going to the cinema tonight. And you?

I'm staying at home. I'm cooking dinner for the family.

What about tomorrow?

Tomorrow we're going to the park. We're having a picnic.

Great! I'm meeting friends tomorrow. We're going to the beach.

That will be fantastic! What are you doing on Sunday?

I'm free on Sunday. Shall we go out for dinner?

I can't. I'm visiting my grandmother on Sunday. How about Monday evening?

That's fine! See you on Monday!

Can you find the present continuous verbs in the conversation?
Do they refer to the present or the future?

Answer the questions about you.

What are you doing now?                        
What are you doing this evening?
What are you doing tomorrow?
What are you doing next weekend?

Look at the grammar in more detail.
Learn some new vocabulary about activities.