5. Then the police arrived...

Interview with a policeman

Policeman:  Where were you last night, Mrs Robinson?

Mrs Robinson:   I was at home, as usual.

Policeman: Oh yes? And...er... what were you doing at 8pm?

Mrs Robinson:   I was watching TV. Then I had a bath and went to bed.

Policeman: Hmmm. What were you watching, Mrs Robinson?

Mrs Robinson:   Erm...it was a documentary. That's right, a documentary about the Amazon.

Policeman:    OK. Were you watching it alone, Mrs Robinson?

Mrs Robinson:    No, I wasn't. my husband was watching it too.

Policeman:   Can I speak to your husband, Mrs Robinson?

Mrs Robinson:  Yes, of course.

Policeman:  Mr Robinson, what were you watching on TV at 8pm last night?

Mr Robinson:  Erm... Oh, yes, it was a comedy. Yes... it was very funny...

Is the interview about the past, present, or future?

What verb forms do the policeman and Mr and Mrs Robinson use?

Do you think that Mr and Mrs Robinson are telling the truth? Why (not)?

Check your answers.

Now you can learn about these verb forms (past simple and continuous) and talk about your past actions. Go to the grammar focus page to find out more.
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