Vocabulary builder


What are the past participles of these verbs?

be    see    have    try    dance    eat    drink    learn    make    do    fly    work    (answers here)

Now we can use these verbs to make present perfect sentences and questions about unusual or interesting experiences.
Which verbs can we use with the following phrases? Make present perfect questions.

real Champagne => Have you ever drunk/tried/had real Champagne?

the tango    in another country    to a rock/classical/jazz concert    in Asia/America    abroad    
dinner in a very expensive restaurant    how to fly a plane    pottery    an embarrassing mistake
home-made beer    a snake    an alien    salsa    a helicopter    a different language
oysters    on TV    a kite    
for a charity    yoga    bungee-jumping

Click here for some possible questions using these phrases.