3. Have you ever eaten snails?

Holiday plans

Look at the conversation, then answer the questions.

So, Dave, where shall we go on holiday this year?

I don't know, Lucy. Have you ever been to China?

No, I haven't, but it's a long way to China! What about Russia? Have you been there?

Yes, I have. I went to Moscow about 10 years ago. It was very interesting!

Shall we go to Russia then? Would you like to go again?

Yes, I would, but it is quite expensive to visit Moscow. Have you ever visited Austria or Switzerland?

Yes, I've been to the Alps in Austria. We went skiing when I was a child. But I think it's expensive there too.

OK. How about Wales. Have you ever climbed Snowdon?

No, I haven't. Is it nice there?

The mountains are beautiful, and it's not too expensive. Let's go to Wales!

OK, Wales it is!

Has Dave been to China?
Has he been to Russia? When? Did he like it?
Has Lucy been to Austria? When did she go? What did she do there?
Where do Dave and Lucy decide to go on holiday? Why?

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Dave and Lucy are talking about their holiday plans, but they also talk about their past experiences.
Now you can find out more about how to talk about your life experience in the grammar section, and expand your vocabulary to talk about unusual and interesting experiences.