2. My family

A family tree

Look at the family tree.

Now use the words in the box to complete the following sentences.

1) Lucy is Tom's _________.
2) Sally is Mark's _________.
3) William is Melissa's new ______.
4) Melissa and Patrick are William's __________.
5) Jane is Carl's ______________.
6) Mr and Mrs Jackson are Jack's _____________.
7) William is Mr Jackson's ________________.
8) Melissa is Mark's ____________.
9) Steve is Jane's ____________.
10) Melissa doesn't have any brothers or sisters. She is an _______ _______.
11) Sally and Jack were born on the same day. They are ________.
12) Mrs Jackson is Tom's ______________.
13) Mr and Mrs Jackson have three _________ and four ____________.
14) Carl is Sally's _________.
15) Lucy is Melissa's ________.
16) Jack and Mark are Steve's __________, and Sally is his _______.

Check your answers here.


Lucy is describing her family. Read what she says about them. Then match the adjectives in italics with the definitions below.

"My family is quite small. I have two brothers, Carl and Steve, who are both older than me. Carl is very hard-workingand he spends a lot of time at his office in London. Steve is the oldest, and he is very sporty. Steve is married to Jane. Jane's a nurse, and she's very patient and kind. I think she's the opposite of me, because I'm quite impatient. I hate waiting for people!
Tom is my husband, and we have three children. Mark is the oldest. He's quite a sociable boy, and has lots of friends. The other two, Sally and Jack, are twins. They are both very energetic and noisy, so I'm always happy when they go to sleep in the evening.
My parents are quite old now, but they are still very active. They walk every day, and they go to a swimming class once a week. They love their grandchildren, and, of course, their great grandson, William.
Steve and Jane have one daughter, Melissa, who is married to Patrick. Melissa and Patrick are both quite reserved, so they don't like big parties. But I think Patrick is also a bit lazy; he doesn't help Melissa much with the baby.
My husband, Tom, is very helpful, and always looks after the children when I'm too tired! Tom's perfect!"

Adjective definitions:
1) someone who always has a lot of energy is ____________.
2) someone who is not lazy at work is ________________.
someone who is not quiet is ________________.
someone who likes to move and do different activities is ____________.
someone who tries to help other people is ____________.
someone who is shy and quiet when meeting new people is ____________.
7) someone who can wait for other people is ______________.
8) someone who doesn't like waiting is _____________.
someone who likes parties and meeting new people is ____________.
someone who cares about other people is ____________.
someone who does a lot of physical activity is __________.
someone who has no bad points is ___________.
someone who doesn't like working or doing activities is _______.

Now check your answers.

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