Elementary ESL Course Contents

An ESL course for false beginner/elementary students of English as a foreign language. Build on the material introduced in the beginner ESL course, and compare different English verb forms to understand how they are used. Learn to form different types of questions, tell a story, and talk about your future hopes and dreams in English.

Before you start
  • days of the week, months of the year
  • ordinal numbers and dates
  • countries and nationalities
1. What's he doing?
  • present continuous
  • talk about activities
  • future arrangements
2. My family
  • talk about family members
  • describe appearance
  • talk about relationships
3. Have you ever eaten snails?
  • present perfect
  • talk about your life experience
  • talk about relationships
4. Questions, questions...
  • different types of questions
  • general knowledge quiz
  • review of verb forms
5. Then the police arrived...
  • past continuous
  • past simple and past continuous
  • tell a story
6. Too many friends?
  • talk about personality
  • talk about hopes and dreams
  • talk about plans for the future