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Likes and Dislikes in English

We can use the verbs "like", "love", "hate" and "enjoy" to explain our likes and dislikes:

I love chocolate.                       ++
He likes classical music.           +
I don't like cold weather.               -
We hate spiders.                       --

If we use a verb, it must be in the "-ing" form:

I love listening to music.             ++
I like walking in the park.             +
She doesn't like swimming.          -
He hates going to school.            --

For verbs which end in a single vowel and single consonant (except W and Y), we double the consonant in the "-ing" form. 

run        ---> running
hit         ---> hitting
swim     ---> swimming


play      ----> playing
draw     ----> drawing

For verbs which end in "e", we remove the "e" before we add "ing".

write    ----> writing
skate   ----> skating

Exercise: put the verbs in the correct form.

example: He (like) (read)     ---->     He likes reading.

1.    She (not like) (run)
2.    I (love) (walk)
3.    We (hate) (do) homework
4.    They (not like) (eat) cabbage
5.    He (love) (sing)
6.    I (not like) (cook)
7.    Men (not like) (shop), but women (love) (buy) clothes
8.    Children (enjoy) (play) games
9.    We (love) (go) to the cinema
10.   He (hate) (watch) TV

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