2.What do you do?

Jobs and Everyday Life

This is Ken. He is a farmer. Every day he gets up at 6 o'clock. He has breakfast, and then he starts work.
He drives a tractor in his fields.
At 12 o'clock he has lunch and
feeds the animals.
He works every afternoon until 5 o'clock, and then he has dinner. His wife always cooks dinner. In the evening, he watches TV, and he goes to bed at 11 o'clock.


This is me. I am a pilot. Every day I fly from Paris to
a different city. I get up very early at 5 o'clock. I don't have
breakfast at home. I take a taxi to the airport, and I have breakfast there. Then I start work at 7 o'clock.
I like my job because I travel all over the world.

Check the grammar,
expand your vocabulary, and learn some useful phrases.

This is Sandra. She is a teacher. She works from
9 am to 4 pm every day. She gets up at 7 o'clock
and makes breakfast for her two children. Then she
takes them to nursery and drives to work. She doesn't
have time for breakfast.
She teaches maths and physics.

In the evening she goes home and cooks the dinner.
She sometimes visits friends or goes for a walk in
the park. She goes to the gym three times a week.
At the weekend she takes her children to the
swimming pool.