6. My Home

Home Sweet Home

Answer these questions about you.

Do you live in a house or a flat?

Do you live in a city, a town, or a village?

How many rooms does your house or flat have?

Is your kitchen big or small?

Do you like your house or flat?

Does it have a garden?

Can you name the rooms (1) to (8)?
Use these words: kitchen, hall, study, bedroom, living room, balcony, bathroom, corridor.

Can you name the items (a) to (p)?
Use these words:
fridge, bath, wardrobe, television/TV, chair, armchair, toilet, window, cupboard,
cooker, desk, washbasin, door, sofa/settee, table, bed.

Now check your answers.

Look at the questions and answers about the flat in the picture.

How many bedrooms are there?               There is one bedroom.
Is there a TV?                                            Yes, there is.
Is there a microwave in the kitchen?         No, there isn't.
Is there a window in the study?                 Yes, there is.
Is there a shower in the bathroom?           No, there isn't.
How many windows are there?                 There are three windows.
Are there any chairs in the kitchen?           No, there aren't.

We use "there is" and "there isn't" to show if a single item is in the flat.
We use "there are" and "there aren't" to talk about plural items.

Now look at the grammar in more detail, learn some more vocabulary about the town and the countryside, and have a conversation about where you live.